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March – Dear Dublin

From the moment I stepped off the bus you had my heart in the bag. Hearing the talent playing on the streets, saying hi to the legend Phil Lynnot EVERY night out, copious cups of tea at Bewleys on Grafton street and to kissing my first love on O Connell bridge, there’s no way to say this is an easy farewell. My best memories of growing up are in this city. And il treasure them for ever.

In the last four years from moving away from home iv learnt life lessons so young I can’t thank you enough for.

The first being….going to Sweeney Mongrels on a school/work night is always a good idea, a quick scoot around penny’s often leaves you broke and dear god no, chicken cannot be microwaved.

But apart from the still in progress cooking skills, Dublin has been the best Craic any girl could ask for. From leaving Derry at 18 with not a notion on how to turn on the washing machine, she’s somehow helped me become a 22 year old fearless lady ready to take on anything.

You have introduced me to some of the most amazing people in this town that il love my whole life. Yet you’ve helped me learn that people too come and go, and often it works out for the best.

So now I’m off to London, as that’s where my music is steering me on the next chapter of my story. Im excited, nervous, hopeful and determined to succeed in the plans I have coming up in the next few months!..

So, my lovely Dublin, it’s not goodbye, but more like a see you later. I could never say goodbye to this old town ;)

Your faithful, thankful friend…

Rebecca Harkin


Things Man Be Someway

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