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April 2015

April 2015

Hey hey folks?

How’s things?
Just an update on what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks!

Lately iv been gigging flat out and working on getting my album finished!
It was great to meet you all at the gigs in Galway, Sligo, Belfast, Derry and Donegal. I loved performing at each gig, all so different and in some great venues.

Recently I was booked by the Cabaret Supper Club “AM:PM” in Belfast to do lead vocals in their new Irish cabaret show directed by Ciaran Connolly and some amazing Irish dancers from Lord of the dance. This venue is AWESOME! I would definitely recommend getting in there for a show, dinner or even some of their trendy cocktails. The talent they have on each night is top class (if you don’t mind me saying so ;)
I am delighted to announce they have booked me for a further 6 gigs there over the coming year! Cheers AM:PM

Another great venue I have to shout out that I performed at recently was Monroe’s live in Galway. This spot has won Imro’s music venue of the year on countless occasions, and it’s no wonder why. They treated us so well when we were there! Cheers Gary and the crew for making a great night!

At my Sligo gig recently I met Kim & Joan all the way from the USA for a wee spot of lunch and a sneaky pint before the gig!
They work so hard by supporting music music online for Harkins Madhatters Page and Keith Harkin Street team!
They drove for 4 hours up to the gig and 4 hours back down to catch their flight. Super Fans! And I am wearing my charms as I write this blog!! ☺

Last week I received the mixes of 5 of my tracks for the album!!!! I am so happy with them! I hope you all will be too! The tracks are mixed by Liam Craig! Give him a wee likey on fb! He’s so easy to work with and I would definitely recommend him to all you musicians out there!

As many of you guys know I started my own theatre school “Miss Ginger’s” here in Ireland and I am so happy it is going well! The school is expanding and now being taught in a number of different venues around Donegal and Ireland! The kids are great and so talented! Great to see young people getting involved in the arts and enjoying it so much like I did.

For the next two weeks I’m flat out rehearsing with the band for our performances at the Derry City Jazz Festival. If you are about make sure to come along!

Derry Jazz Festival Gigs

Thu 30th April – Customs House
Fri 1st May – The Grand Central Bar
Sat 2nd May – 24 Queens Quay
Sun 3rd May – The Collon Bar

I hope you guys can make it!

Other than that I am sitting here in a wee coffee shop in Derry writing this blog in-between 5 meetings today all for my album and upcoming gigs! I apologize if the blog is all over the place!! Ha

Pop over to my facebook page, twitter and instagram and say hey! X

Much Love



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