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“Mo theaghlach, Mo chairde”

Last night my cousins and I sat to 3am talking in my Granny Pegs living room, laughing & joking until the birds starting singing and we thought it best to go to sleep.
It got me thinking about how blessed I am to have so many amazing characters in my family, to just simply pick up the phone, and they are always there at my beckoning call for a good laugh, mess, dance, or even sometimes a good cry.
Having been living away for the last few years in Dublin & London, I feel I missed out on seeing some of my cousins as much as I’d like to have, and its great to be at home for a while and hang out to make more memories along the next few months. Some of the childhood memories we talked about last night had us in stiches laughing for hours.
One of the things we seemed to talk about for a long time last night was friendship. We all seemed to experience the same thing over the last few years. How some friends come and go, even those you think will never leave you, but family stays and always will and for that I am truly grateful.
Then there are the friends true to my heart who are all around the world, in LA, Australia, France, Dubai & London…the ones I don’t speak to every day but can meet up with once a year and its as if we never left each other….I think those are the keepers ;)
I feel I have made amazing friendships with you guys over the last few years and hope you know how much I appreciate all your support with my music and daily antics! I feel surrounded with support from you all even if I don’t reply to every single comment please know that I see them and love to hear from you.
The title to this blog post is “Mo theaghlach, Mo chairde” which is Irish for “my family, my friends”which is how I feel about you guys … one big family on my musical journey making my dreams come true with every step I take. So here’s a big smooch! Xxxxxx haha and I hope to hear from you soon, and please know that you have a friend in me always.

Xx R

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Producer Andy Wright – Christmas Showcase

I am so excited to announce that I have been booked to perform at producer Andy Wright’s Christmas showcase at Battersea Park Studios in London this December.

Andy is a world famous producer & has worked with some of my idols. He really knows his stuff when it comes to producing and songwriting so to be asked back this year again to perform is a huge honor for me.

I have to perform two songs at the concert, one original & one Christmas song ….. Feel free to email me at rebeccaharkinmusic@hotmail.co.uk with any suggestions or favorites of mines you think would bring the house down! I would love to hear your ideas.

Xx Peace & Love darlings xx

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New Merchandise

    This week I added new album merchandise to my online shop “TMBS” which stands for “Things Man Be Someway”.   Iv added four new sets of dainty ear-rings – “The Rose” “Atlantic” “Ocean Deep” & “After Every Story…

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Music Announcement – Paul Brady Support Act

I am delighted to announce I am doing the support act slot for my hero “Paul Brady” this Thu 1st of October in Derry at the beautiful Millennium Forum Venue.

Paul has wrote so many gorgeous songs that are close to my heart such as “The Long Goodbye” & “The Island”

I have grown up listing to Paul with my family. He is a huge inspiration for me as a songwriter and performer! Can’t wait to warm up the stage for him this week!

Very limited tickets available so get booking asap!

Wish me luck! Xx


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September – National Concert Hall Gig & Electric Picnic Festival

Hey guys, just checking in. Things have been pretty crazy the last few weeks between festivals, concert gigs & meetings! Better busy than bored though!   I was so excited to do my recent gig in Dublin at the National…

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Beauty: Scrubba Dub Dub: Shivon’s Natural Handmade Irish Soap

Do you love looking after your skin like I do? Like many a lady, I ADORE skincare & beauty products and have countless drawers of creams, serums & gels for taking off my make up and stage face as I…

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TMBS Goodie Pack Winner …..

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Win a TMBS merchandise goodie pack!

Competition – Win a TMBS merchandise goodie pack!   How would you like to win a pair of “Into The Woods” ear rings, a “Sunlight” Necklace AND a signed poster all from my limited edition shop over on my website…

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Things Man Be Someway Jewellery

Hey Fashionista’s This month I launched some new products on my TMBS Shop here on the site! Dainty rings, necklaces and earrings! All named after my lyrics and song titles. I’m so happy you guys are loving them as much…

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Monday Monday

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