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January 2015 – Album Update – Lets get rocking!

This year I plan to really get rocking with my music.
Not that I haven’t been from day one, but I feel like I have now spent the right amount of time to let my music grow, try different sounds, different genres and of course practicing, practicing, practicing. I am a complete perfectionist.

This is why I have wanted to take my time with my album and taken time to find own style. The songs on my album are very close to my heart. I mean every lyric and note you will hear so it is important to me that you hear them perfectly!

Over the last few years I have performed with amazing musicians and am lucky enough to have found the right bunch to make these songs sound just how I want them.

I cannot wait for you guys to hear these songs. You have been there on this journey with me for so long I feel you are all a big part of it.

This month I am in the studio recording and rehearsing at Link Academy Studios and also Blast Furnace Studio.

Mr Paul Martin Brown filming director will be there filming every move, so you guys will get behind the scene footage of our days in the studio and also you will see how much we carry on :p ….All in a days work folks ;)

This month I posted a new video of a one of my original songs “The Rooftops in Paris” on my Youtube channel, directed by Paul and recorded in Link Studios. The response I got from you all was amazing. So much love and support I was delighted you all liked it!

I also have a competition happening over on my Facebook page, the link is below!

I hope you are well and are being good to yourselves! J

Peace & Love


Things Man Be Someway

Competition Link – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebecca-Harkin-Music/163016010384384?fref=ts

Music Video Link -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlH7fLGmnEc

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