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June – Hello From London

So this is my first blog from London!

AW RIGHT MA LOVES? (A terrible attempt at a London accent. That will be the last time I promise)

I cant believe its been almost a month since I left Dublin and been living in London. I have to be completely honest I love it!

The first week I was here I simply enjoyed myself taking in all the famous sites and nightlife before getting stuck into music! If you haven’t been here before you should definitely make the trip. Apart from the amazing museums, buildings, jazz bars and shopping, travelling in the underground is an adventure in itself. After getting lost more times than enough I think I’ve finally got the hang of it and feel like a proper Londoner now!

After a week of being a tourist it was time to get stuck into music and organising gigs, recording and working on my album.

I was lucky enough to attend a really cool music event in my second week here where I saw some amazing acts and met some people I’m going to be working with in the coming months. I’m so excited for it all and cant wait to share it with you guys also!

I also have a few music video recordings coming up at a number of different studios and venues over the coming weeks, which I am also really looking forward to! And it will be shared with you guys first of all as usual! So keep following my twitter and Facebook pages for more info! Its all go!

This month with the help of you guys my YouTube video “The book of love” cover went over 40 000 views!! I am so lucky to have you all constantly supporting me every step of the way. I’d be lost without you!

As well as making music plans, attending meetings, events and recordings, I have had time to meet up with some old friends here in London, which has been lovely!

Ill have more info on my music in next month’s blog so keep in touch!

I hope you are all well!

Rebecca Harkin


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