Rebecca as Support Act for Imelda May

So I’m just recovering from a crazy weekend of gigs at the Derry City Jazz Festival 2017!

7 gigs in 4 days and loved every minute of it.

The highlight of the weekend for me was getting chosen to do support act for headlining act “Imelda May” on her two sold out shows at the Millennium Forum Derry.  A big bunch of hugs and kisses to the Derry City Council who made this happen and put me forward for the role.

Both nights were amazing as the other, and I loved opening the show on the gorgeous Millennium Forum stage and theatre. I did an acoustic slot of piano and vocal and sang 5 of my own tunes and 2 covers both nights to the super friendly and supportive crowd. The people of Derry really gave me such a warm welcome and helped me relax and give it my all which I am truly grateful for.

Imelda and her band literally rocked the house both nights. Her new album is something else filled with blues, rock & folk elements which I danced my feet off to with the crowd in the pit. Such a friendly girl who made me feel part of the crew and also a rock chick who knows how to party. All I’ll say is that I’m off champagne for a long long time 😉

The talented Venice Peach was backstage on the 2nd night of the gigs and took some professional shots which we will be sharing with you soon!

Big love to all who sent me good luck wishes, phone calls, flowers and cards for the gigs. I appreciate every sentiment!

Hope you are well and to hear from you all soon! xx ❤


Hermosa Beach, L.A. Gig

Hey Hey!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to perform as support act for my brother Keith Harkin in Hermosa beach LA. Such a great night playing to his sold out crowd and getting to meet you all! You are all so kind with your gifts and letters! It made me feel so welcome and ready to kick off the show!

I hope you all enjoyed my set, I had a great night and loved every min of it, hopefully there will be more in the future!

Also thanks to the amazing staff at the venue “The Comedy and Magic Club” in Hermosa. You were all so accommodating and friendly!

Big love, hugs and kisses to you all.

Rebecca ❤



Stageit Concert Feb 2017

Ahhhh I am still buzzing from last nights Stageit online show! I loved every min performing for you guys live from Derry on to all your computer screens.How amazing is the world we live in? There were viewers from all over the world. America, Canada, Europe, Australia and Ireland all tuning in and hopefully singing along :p Stage it makes it much more accessible and easier for me to perform for you guys all at the one time, until we get a world tour rocking that is ;)Next time I’m hoping to get my full band with me for the live stage it and hope you can all see what my songs sound like with my session players I use for a lot of gigs! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for buying tickets and tipping my show. You’re helping make my dreams come true each step of the way.

Big love and kisses,

Rebecca x
Things Man Be Someway

New Music Video “Sarah” Thin Lizzy Cover

A few months ago myself and my team of amazing session players took to Small Town America Studios in Derry to record a few of my favourite cover tracks and filmed them with the talented Mr Paul Martin Brown.

This video see’s us cover one of my favourite songs of all time, Sarah by Thin Lizzy. I have the very talented Caolan Austin on drums and a fine songwriter in his own right, Jonny Nutt on his funky bass.

Check it out, share it with friends and I hope you enjoy 😉 R x


Hey Hey!


Hey Guys,


Welcome to my new website!

As part of my new year resolution I plan to blog and post about all things music, travel and projects Im working on and keep you all posted! I hope you like what Iv got going on here, get in touch and let me know what you would like to hear about most.

I’ve been flat out the last week planning and booking gigs for the year ahead…..Gigs in Ireland, UK, France and Germany are all on the cards already. Wedding gigs and radio gigs have also been booked! Il let you know whats happening closer to their dates.

This year I plan to travel as much as I can and keep you all up to date on my travel blog on this new site also! I love Ireland, and spend a lot of time searching for new places & hide aways when gigging, so expect to see much of more of my beautiful homeland and over seas travel blogs too!

I set up a “depop” page last night also! Il be selling all my merchandise over there from now on 🙂 Jewellery, unique items, music merchandise and even some of my own items! I hope you get as much enjoyment from them as I did!

I hope your all keeping well and this post meets you with love ❤

Be good, stick to your new years resolutions and come back soon for new posts!

Much Love,

Rebecca x